Multiple Teams · Fall Sports Signup/Details

Attention Bulldogs:

The fall sports seasons are approaching, and we need you to have all your paperwork and signups complete as soon as possible so that you (or your student-athlete) can participate right from the beginning of the sport.

If your paperwork is not complete, or you have a question about your paperwork, please communicate or stop into the athletic office to get those items shored up.

No student-athlete may practice without the following items completed:

  1. Consent to Treat form (allows our licensed athletic trainer from Aurora to work with your student-athlete)
  2. Concussion form
  3. Code of Conduct form (Document to read; see note below)
  4. Physical form * (needed if no physical is on file from your medical provider or if your last physical date was before 4/1/17)
  5. Alternate Year form * (needed if physical is on-file after 4/1/17)
  6. Athletic Fee ($60 per sport payable to “WAWM School District”)
Note: Additionally, student-athletes should be aware that to be eligible the academic standard (at least a 1.5 GPA and no more than one failing grade) must be met. Student-athletes who are ineligible are still encouraged to participate and can practice; however, the student-athlete will not be able to suit up for any competition (game or scrimmage) until the student-athletes’ grades meet the requirements and time is served.
* Only a Physical or Alternate Year form needs to be turned in.

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Click here for an update on sport-by-sport start dates.