Visitors to West Allis Central High School since 2013 may have been surprised to find themselves drawn into an unexpected journey down a West Allis Central athletic memory lane. Since its debut, the West Allis Central Athletic Wall of Fame has provided students, staff and guests with an artistic expose’ of Bulldog Athletics and the Student-Athletes through the years.

Currently, the Wall of Fame has 5 different components:

1) The Central Athlete Wall of Fame greets guests entering the main doors off of Lincoln Avenue. This collage of black and white photographs features the best or most accomplished athletes ever during their time at Central. Also, it has a great variety of photos of the buildings and athletic venues that have housed West Allis Central Athletics, both past and present.

2) The Post-Central Wall of Fame found on the long wall that runs along the hallway parallel to the E. H. Stech Fieldhouse is a collection of pictures and corresponding bios of Central students who have gone on to participate in college, professional, Olympic or military athletics after their graduation from Central. There are currently 148 bios on the wall.

3) The Wall of Fame has 8 banners hanging in the E. H. Stech Fieldhouse commemorating the athletes who have represented West Allis Central on the USA Olympic Team.

4) The Lincoln Street front trophy case displays the most current team photos of the West Allis Central athletic teams. 

5) The Grant Street trophy cases contain vintage memorabilia representing teams in the distant past.

Future additions to the wall will include:

● An Olympic Corner, featuring Olympic athletes who once called West Allis Central home. To date, 8 former Bulldogs have represented the United States as USA Olympians.

● A display of high school All-conference, All-state and All-Americans at West Allis Central

● A Coaches Corner celebrating coaches who have made an impact on West Allis Central Athletics.

Please come and visit our wall! We would love to share our rich athletic history with you!

* If you know of someone who you believe may qualify to be included on the wall please share your information with the West Allis Central Athletic Department.